The unfamiliarity of joining a new school can be quite an ordeal for children. But for parents, this feeling of uncharted territory is just as scary. Parents naturally wonder whether or not their child will fit into the new school. They also look for an indication of what their child’s teachers will be like—and how a parent-teacher relationship can begin to be built. So the question is, is there some way to ease the transition of your child joining a new school?

Teacher-parent communication is the key.

In an attempt to manage expectations of parents whose children are joining a new school, communication methods must come to the forefront. But this is easier said than done. Communicating with a teacher who has not yet started to educate your child can be tricky. Besides, the teacher is already busy with his or her current students, and can’t be expected to consider future students. Right?

Well, not exactly. If you as a parent have got to the point where you’ve registered your child to join a school—even though he or she hasn’t started yet—there’s still a need to communicate with the school. The well known ‘paid unaccepted status’ received by parents from schools in the UK is an indication that the child will be joining the school in the near future. This status is enough of an entry point to expect certain kinds of communication. It’s this communication that will help both parent & child feel as if they are a part of the school, even before actual attendance has begun.

The need for parents to ‘catch up’.

As the parent of a child who’s about to join a new school, you will be expected to fall into the current status quo of the school’s events, regulations & discussions. It’s not easy to do this in one go once the child has actually started attending (and the decisions have an immediate effect on him or her). A gradual easing into this ‘membership’ can have a much better effect on both parent and child. For the child, it’s about knowing what to expect and how to fit in when attendance begins. For the parent, it’s about having a say about important policies, being prepared for a teacher-parent relationship, and gaining a sense of belonging as a parent.

The perfect portal to that sense of belonging.

Considering the possible frustrations that may occur for new parents, My School Portal has devised some useful tools to help. You can have access to a hub of information pertaining to the school your child is about to attend. In the spirit of accommodating you as much as possible, My School Portal acts as a central point of communication between parents, teachers & school administrators. All questions, discussions and decisions are accessible within a safe and secure environment that allows for expressive communication to take place.

Because My School Portal is tailored for each school—as opposed to a one size fits all format—you as the parent will get a feel for exactly what your child’s school is all about. Your sense of belonging lies in the fact that you are on the receiving end of important information. But it also lies in the fact that you have the ability to play an important role in relevant decision making processes.

Imagine building a relationship with your child’s teachers before he or she has even started. Imagine the convenience of understanding what the school is about. Think of the peace of mind you can experience after speaking to other parents whose children already attend. My School Portal makes all of this possible.