We caught up with one of our My School Portal parent users recently to find out about her experience of using the system. Here’s what she had to say about it.

I have two boys at school,  located across the Junior and Senior campuses. I’m a working mum so have a busy schedule and keeping up on all their activities, progress updates and school announcements can be a challenge.  However, the launch of My School Portal has transformed communication between myself and the school making my life much easier. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate your way around.

It holds all the information I need about my children in one place. If I need to refer to an email or need reminding about an activity or event, I know that I can go straight into the system and find what I’m looking for. Because all email communication is sent through the portal I no longer receive multiple emails, and all email dialogue is stored in one place.

The reply confirmation feature is really useful when booking activities as you have a record of what you’ve booked.

Both boys are talented sportsmen so being able to go into the sporting fixtures list and download it onto my phone has helped immensely –  I no longer have to rely on the boys for the information!

Being able to view your child’s record  and seeing only the information that is relevant to them is hugely beneficial. For example, I can see who my son’s teachers are for each subject, rather than a full list of teaching staff. It’s much more personalised.

The portal has lots of additional features as well like being able to make secure payments online.  And most importantly it’s secure. I know that any information relating to my children, whether it is there progress or whereabouts on any given day is private. There are  no bits of paper flying around the school with personal information on which in today’s society is a huge concern for any parent.

If I had to describe the portal in three words I’d say it is Efficient, Effective, and simple to  navigate. Would I recommend the portal? Definitely. It’s one login for both the junior and senior campuses so it allows me to easily flick between the two.  It’s a one stop shop.