It is widely recognised that increased parental involvement in a child’s academic and school life tends to lead to better overall academic attainment.

As I write this blog post, many children across the UK are at the end of their revision period and now sitting their GCSE’s or A’ levels with their parents involved in the wings, providing ongoing moral support and assistance where it is needed – and hopefully having that accepted!

Getting children (and not forgetting parents) through this journey – fully prepared to the point of exams – is one of the most important objectives of any school. Given the importance placed on parental support, they need access to the right information on their child’s progress and achievements so they can better support their children with their educational needs.

School information systems can provide the background architecture for schools and parents in a child’s academic journey and these systems are increasingly enjoyed in the UK’s leading schools. The schools that we’ve partnered with are continually looking to develop open and communicative two way environments for parents and teachers, with improved, accessible and secure information exchanged between both parties, yet never compromising sensitive information in the process.

My School Portal has been developed to offer exactly the above features – a secure online environment that collates and displays all the up-to-date information in one place. Importantly, parents only see the information that is relevant to their son or daughter.

Features, such as Homework, Reporting, Exam Results and School Timetable means that parents can easily keep abreast of their child’s academic performance.

Giving parents easy access and visibility to their child’s interests, progress and achievements, as well as information about school events and developments puts parents in a much stronger position to support and maximise their child’s learning. But increasingly, parents need access to this information quickly and easily. To find out how your school could benefit from My School Portal please drop us a line and arrange for a presentation. We’d love to hear from you.