School software should provide an efficient and secure interface between staff and parents to enable improved connectivity and management.

As with all features in My School Portal, the focus of solutions targets improved management and efficiency for schools and easier access to information for parents. The My Calendar feature makes it easy for staff and parents to manage all events in the school calendar.

For teachers and staff, the backend of My School Portal allows for the entry of specific information about events including date, time, duration, location and cost as well as space for a detailed description and any booking specifics.

My Calendar helps schools by making it easy to manage the full academic year’s event schedule by year group and categories such as sports, clubs and societies, and presents it to parents in a single location that does away with the need for much of the paperwork headache.

For parents, My Calendar is the answer to feeling in control of what is happening at school week by week, term by term, year by year and child by child.

Parents can easily check the status of events at a glance, make bookings and payments, export to their own Google or apple calendar and all from a handheld device.

Check out the video below for a quick summary of the My Calendar feature and click here to look at additional demos of other features within My School Portal.

You can book a full demo from one of our specialists by requesting it here.