As schools prepare to celebrate National School Sports Week (26-30 June 2017), we take a look at the importance of sport in Independent schools and the support offered through My School Portal to help schools better manage and communicate their sporting activity.

Sport has long been recognised for its benefits in encouraging healthy lifestyles, promoting social inclusion and developing leadership qualities and self-esteem. Therefore it is no surprise that it plays such a central role in Independent school life.

A survey carried out by the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC) in 2015 revealed that in the 169 HMC schools surveyed there were 30,000 fixtures a year  – nearly 1,000 a week involving almost 10,000 pupils. The inaugural survey also revealed that on average pupils play 5.4 hours a week in over 40 sports.

Given the importance placed on sport, independent schools need to have the right systems and tools in place to allow them to manage sporting activity efficiently and communicate with players and parents more effectively.  Many of the schools that we’ve partnered with use the online sports management toolkit from SOCS. We understand how important it is for schools that we are able to integrate with their existing systems which is why we’ve developed our school fixtures feature in My School Portal in close collaboration with SOCS.

This successful integration with SOCS allows us to pull in the SOCS calendar, sports fixtures and results as well as the team lists. Various options are available depending on the school’s requirements. We can import the sports fixtures only; import the sports fixtures and create an event for each fixture; or import the sports fixtures and group the fixtures together as an event. For team sheets, we can display the team sheets to all parents or display the team sheets to only the parents whose children are in that team.

Through our collaboration with SOCS and easy to use interface we help schools aggregate their sporting data and make it easily and quickly accessible to parents, and we think that’s something worth celebrating!

To find out how your school could benefit from My School Portal please drop us a line and arrange for a demo. We’d love to hear from you.