One of the great features in My School Portal is the ability to book an activity or event online through the portal.

My School Portal allows for various set up configurations depending on the needs of the school, but regardless of the specifics of a school’s setup it is possible to view and book  ad hoc, regular or blocks of events easily on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The activity booking module brings together all events within the school year and links directly to the portal’s payment gateway allowing parents to book events easily for a child or children.

Once events are booked, they will be automatically added to My Calendar so parents can see exactly what is happening week to week for their children.

For schools, My School Portal’s activity booking feature simplifies the management of events through creating a seamless link between parents and the school.

Attendee lists are updated automatically, helping with staffing and there will be no more chasing payments, lost cheques or confusion about what is happening when.

Check out the video below for a quick summary of the Activity Booking feature and click here to look at additional demos of other features within My School Portal.

You can book a full demo from one of our specialists by requesting it here.