Our latest feature on My School Portal is great news for Google Classroom users.  We have integrated with Google Classroom to retrieve information about schools’ Google Classroom courses. Staff and students can see which Google Classroom courses they are enrolled in and can click through to the courses on Google Classroom from their My School Portal account. Guardians and parents also have access to this information giving them a real insight into their children’s day to day learning.

Set up is simple and the seamless integration makes it easy to securely share information between Google Classroom and My School Portal.

Google Classroom is a popular choice with many schools looking to enhance the learning experience. Benefits include, going paperless, two-way communication, personalisation and accessibility – some of the very same benefits afforded by users of My School Portal.

We are always looking at ways of how we can improve My School Portal so if you have an idea for a new feature we’d love to hear from you. Or if you’d like to find out more about My School Portal please drop us a line and arrange for a demo.