We are looking forward to exhibiting at the HMC Autumn Conference in Belfast from Monday 2 to Thursday 5 October 2017.

Supporting organisations such as HMC that work hard to support excellence in teaching, learning and school leadership, and encourage innovation is important to us.

This year’s Celebrate the Difference theme sits well with what we aim to achieve through My School Portal.

My School Portal provides schools with a secure platform for sharing important information with parents about their children, all in one place. And because parents only see the information that is relevant to them, it opens up many opportunities to share and celebrate in children’s individual achievements.

New features, such as our integration with Planet eStream that enables the secure sharing of video content and still images via the portal is set to further enhance what we can offer. Schools will be able to share content, such as school photography, for sporting activities or drama and music performances, enabling all parents to celebrate in their children’s achievements, regardless of where they are.

We have new features and updates happening all the time, and we’re really excited to share these developments with you.

Please come and visit Adrian Brown at the conference and find out how My School Portal could assist your school.