Effective email communication between schools and parents.

Communication between parents and schools has come a long way in the last two decades. The traditional school memo or letter is increasingly giving way to faster, multi-channel electronic communications via email, text messaging, online platforms and apps, with email being the most widely used form of communication, and overall  the most effective.

SchoolPost is a communication system designed to make it easy for schools to manage the way they send emails and text messages to parents, and to gather responses using simple online reply and consent forms. It also provides a complete history of all communication for parents and staff to refer back to, and flexible options for automatically producing daily and weekly summary emails.

The integration of My School Portal and SchoolPost

My School Portal’s integration with SchoolPost means that a users SchoolPost inbox is held within My School Portal so users don’t have to login to yet another platform to view their emails.  Emails are viewed in real time and can be replied to within the portal.  SchoolPost response forms can be displayed in the portal and passwords are automatically synced for ease of use. The My School Portal communication dashboard has a star system allowing users to flag the most important emails so they can be easily found at a later date. Parents can also filter emails down to each of their children all within one interface.

As James Barrell, Commercial Director at SchoolPost highlights, its integration with My School Portal marked an important development for schools:  “We first came across My School Portal when working with a large school in Edinburgh which was looking for a complete parent portal and communication solution, and no single available product met all their needs. We expanded the SchoolPost API so that the parent emails and communication history could be integrated into My School Portal, giving parents access to everything through one portal login. The combined, integrated system is a content-rich portal for parents with enhanced communication features for schools.”

 Partnership working supporting the aggregation of data

Many schools have incredibly valuable data which is disconnected and disparate because it’s held across various communication systems. Being able to integrate with systems like SchoolPost is critical to My School Portal’s long-term success in offering schools one secure hub, one point of contact and one online communication and information platform.