As we welcome in 2018, we will see the continued development of another exciting new Portal feature.  Currently being evaluated by a small number of our schools, we are delighted to announce that our Custom Forms feature will soon be available to all of our schools through the Portal. Custom Forms can be used for joining, induction, medical and trip permission forms.

Designed to reduce administration time for staff and streamline form-filling and data capture for both the school and parents (new and current) the Custom Forms feature is set to transform how schools interact with parents from the point of initial enquiry.  Removing the need for paper based forms and digitally capturing all interactions between the school and parents instead, will significantly help schools in their drive to improve data security and GDPR compliance.

The upcoming enactment of the GDPR in May 2018 means that schools need to prepare for and where needed, implement changes to their data protection to ensure compliance. From the point of an Application, parents are required to share sensitive personal information with the school, including financial details, the child’s medical information and even dietary requirements, which are then sometimes shared with third parties. Developments like the Custom Forms feature will help schools to both meet the obligations of the new GDPR and also de-risk their exposure with regards to future data security.

Various different types of interactive forms for parents and students are already available within My School Portal, including absence and leave request forms. These can be submitted by parents at the click of a button and the forms generate automatic notifications which are then sent to the relevant members of staff.

The Custom Forms feature represents another step change in the continual enhancement of My School Portal. By providing a secure data collection feature from the very start of a parent’s interaction with the school, all parties can be assured that all personal data is kept safe and secure.

If you would like to find out more about the new Custom Forms feature please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.