Front of Ipswich School

Ipswich School has been using My School Portal for almost two years. They were one of the first schools to adopt the system and played an important role in its early development.

We talked to Natasha Sones, Digital Communications Officer, at Ipswich School about the school’s experience of using the Portal from both the staff and parents’ perspective.

“My School Portal has without doubt transformed communication between parents and the school. It allows us to deliver a personalised communication system.

“Parents like being able to instantly access information, such as teaching and exam timetables. It’s particularly helpful that everything is always up-to-date. The sporting side is very important to parents as they can access sports fixture details through the Portal without having to rely on their children for updates.

“A recent survey carried out with parents showed that the majority of parents visited the site between once a week and several times a week. The most popular features are the calendar, rewards/sanctions, school information, term dates, timetable and buses.

“The overall response to the survey was overwhelmingly positive. Parents said they were able to find the information they were looking for quickly and easily. If they had a problem it was resolved without delay.

“Importantly the Portal has allowed us to remove a considerable amount of information/data from the school website, making this more of a promotional tool for prospective parents. Transferring all information to the user only Portal and having it all in one place has also significantly reduced the amount of administration.

“In some ways we were very fortunate being one of the first schools to adopt My School Portal¬† as it meant we had significant input into its development.¬† We have several staff members inputting data, which in the early days was logistically very challenging, However, now we have 50 plus members of staff adding to the events calendar and it’s easy enough that everyone can use it.

“The Portal’s developers, MSO, are very responsive and even now continue to look at ways of developing the Portal and are always adding new updates and features.

“Would I recommend My School Portal to other schools? Yes. What school doesn’t want a single and secure platform that has the ability to integrate with its existing MIS systems, offers a dedicated communication platform for parents, stores all information in one place and makes it instantly accessible, and is easy to use?

“We continue to be delighted with the service and support that we receive from My School Portal and look forward to further exploring the potential that the Portal has to offer our school.”