With more than 70 schools now signed up to the Portal we’ve had a busy few months.¬† The latest school to join us is Gayhurst School and we’re delighted to have them on board. We caught up with Deputy Head, David Bushnell, to get his thoughts on the Portal:

“We were looking for a way to help streamline information for our parents – too many logins was a common complaint – when we came across My School Portal on the iSAMS partner website. Its seamless integration with ISAMS, SOCS and Planet eStream, and one secure platform that collates all information, seemed to offer the ideal ¬†solution.

“We met with Director Adrian Brown who was knowledgeable and impressive, which made the decision easy to confirm between major stakeholders. The interface is user friendly and the future developments sound exactly what we are looking for.

“I believe this is a very exciting solution for us that will become the cornerstone of all parental communication, and allow us to use iSAMS to a fuller capacity.”