Writing exclusively for Private Schools magazine Adrian Brown, Director at My School Portal, considers the new data protection legislation, GDPR and its future implications for how schools process information and communicate with parents and stakeholders.

He says: “Data management is a huge challenge for schools with personal information for pupils, parents and stakeholders often held across various online and printed formats, which are more often than not, disparate, unconnected and holding duplicate information. In addition to the various formats, each storage mode has varying degrees of security and access rights, which can create risks for data leakage, whether that is either a deliberate or accidental data loss.

It is therefore quite timely that we will see the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May 2018, which will result in a tightening up of regulations around the processing of personal data, yet at the same time, presenting many challenges for schools.”

The article looks at one school that is leading the way when it comes to data protection – LVS Ascot.  Adrian McGarry, Director of Information, Communication and Technology at LVS Ascot, contributing to the article explained: “The biggest challenge for schools in relation to GDPR is ensuring that the staff understand what their obligations are in relation to the regulation. “

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