With the summer holidays fast approaching we are delighted to announce a new portal solution for schools that run holiday clubs and summer schools.

Designed for external use, members of the public can now register for clubs and activities run by the school outside of term time. They benefit from many of the features afforded by My School Portal, such as secure data collection, online bookings, and payments.

Users are assigned a secure login and can access all the details they need with regards to their children and their bookings. For schools, the portal simplifies the management of public holiday clubs and summer schools through creating a seamless and secure link between participants and the school/organiser.

With the ability for the clubs administrator to create their own data collection forms this new facility will allow medical, emergency contact details, and detailed questionnaires to be completed securely online by parents.

Club booking lists are updated automatically and there is no more chasing payments or confusion about what is happening when.

Schools were telling us that they needed a facility that would help them better manage external activities and events. However, in order to maintain the integrity of My School Portal access this could only be given to staff, parents, and students, and even then restrictions are put in place only allowing members to see information relevant to them. By creating an external/public portal schools can now manage external events in much the same way that they do student activities. Time spent on administration and organisation is considerably less and importantly all personal data is secure.

To find out more please get in touch.