Last week, we at My School Portal were proud to share Release 61 with all of our clients who have shown continued support. Various changes were made in order to improve the portal providing our clients with the easiest and most pleasing experience.

Admin tools

The admin tools were given a new look whilst maintaining the same previous experience. Being more intuitive to use and embracing a modern feel we will continue to add new functionality to the admin tools in future releases.

Custom forms

Users can now download and view previously submitted Form Groups, including any Groups that have been submitted prior to this update.

Staff, via the Custom Form Submissions page, can download forms either as a CSV file or the newly added option of a PDF. By downloading the form as a PDF file staff have the option to print the form responses for offline storage.

There have been some changes made to the form UI, making the module easier to use. We plan to roll out further changes to our custom forms module in the coming releases.

Confidentiality of Emails

To prevent any sensitive data being sent out via encrypted emails we have made changes so that the following emails now only contain minimum information with a link to the appropriate area of the portal:

  • Absence
  • Leave Request
  • Contact Forms
  • Report Feedback

Once again, we will continue to improve other emails that are sent out via the portal in the forthcoming releases.


Filtering out the relevant events to your children has never been easier! Guardians can now filter events linked specifically to their children, for example, trips and sports fixtures.

SIMS Behaviour points

SIMS behaviour points will now automatically import and be displayed on the sanction and rewards pages.

Next release

Our next release is scheduled for 2018. For further updates and the latest news regarding the portal follow us on twitter @myschoolportal.