Security has always been at the forefront of our approach to the portals data aggregation methodology. Our team are continuously focused on ensuring we have the correct measures in place to keep all sensitive data safe and secure. Working within the education sector we know just how important it is for schools to take their data protection seriously. With each release, we aim to improve security yet still being mindful of the user experience, check out our recent blog post for Release 61 to see the steps that we are taking towards improving the protection of data.

For some time we at My School Portal have been encouraging users, staff, parents, and pupils to log into the portal using MFA (Multi-factor authentication). Over the past months, we have seen an increase in users enabling this feature, as the technology has become more widely implemented by technology suppliers our users have become more inclined to use it.

But what is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication is the process of identifying a user by validating two or more claims presented by the user, each from a different category of factors like a password or six-digit PIN-code that is only accessible from the user’s personal smartphone.

Factor categories that could be used:

  • something the user knows, like a password or pin number;
  • something the user has, like a mobile device; and
  • something that is personal, like a fingerprint, face recognition or voice.

How to enable MFA on your account

You can access your multi-factor authentication settings from the ‘My Account’ or ‘My Details’ page of the portal. Should you need help in enabling this feature we have produced a user guide that is accessible within the support desk.














When on this page, use the ‘Enable MFA’ button to access the settings for enabling multi-factor authentication. You will need to follow the onscreen instructions in the blue box to link your account to an authentication app on your mobile. Once the two authentication codes have been filled in, click on the ‘Enable MFA for my account’ button.














If you would like to remove multi-factor authentication from your account you can use the ‘Remove MFA’ button, also found on the ‘My Account’ or ‘My Details’ page, or contact your school.

Hear what our schools have to say about security on the Portal

“At St Joseph’s College, we take our data protection obligations very seriously. We also recognise the importance of clear and effective communication between our staff, pupils, and parents which is why we made the decision to invest in a parent portal solution.  Parents can securely access activity details, reports, attendance records, timetables and exam results all in one place. It has transformed the way we communicate with parents and significantly enhanced how we process personal data within the school.”

Mrs Danielle Clarke, Principal, St Joseph’s College

Any queries regarding security?

For any further advice or queries regarding security on the portal please get in touch with our support team by calling 01474 240680.