The ability to create custom forms within the portal is another useful and time effective feature for both schools and parents.

After working with schools we understand that collecting and collating data within schools can prove to be a big challenge. Paper forms can get lost, parents forget to fill them in and inputting the data into the system can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. My School Portal’s custom forms feature reduces office paperwork and helps consolidates responses in one safe and secure platform.

Great examples of where custom forms can be set up in the portal are; admissions, medical information, consent, and dietary requirements. Custom forms can be configured, so only particular staff users have access to certain form responses and are notified on form submissions and able to export form responses.

In the Admin area, creating forms could not be more straightforward with set question types and question logic to help create clear and easy to use forms on the portal. Custom forms can be configured for specific year groups or forms, along with individual students.

Parents can see the forms assigned to their children along with each forms current progress. Custom forms also integrate with our trip booking system, requiring the forms to be completed before booking a trip. The system is fully supportive of modern mobile phones allowing parents to submit forms on the go.

Here’s what one of our schools have to say about the feature:

“We most recently adopted the custom forms feature to build an enrolment platform for new parents. The forms are both simple for staff to set up and easy for parents to complete. The data remains secure and can be safely assigned to the relevant departments. The amount of paperwork and time saved has been substantial over the last year.”

Zeena Hicks Communications & Marketing Director, St Paul’s School


Check out the video below for a quick summary of the Custom Forms feature

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