Here’s what you’ll find


Video testimonials for Morrison’s Academy and ESMS which provide a unique insight into each school and how My School Portal has improved their communications both internally and with the parent community.

User videos

For parents

These short familiarisation videos are created to support parents/guardians using the portal with guidance on how to interact with the features so ensuring the best experience possible.

For schools

Despite initial training, we understand that school staff may need a periodic refresher on how to get the most out of the admin tools within the portal, whether it be how to create custom forms or how to add homework, to help we have created a series of tutorial videos for you.

In conjunction with the admin tools new ‘look and feel’, we released several videos which highlighted the new user interface, hopefully, this has eased the transition for all users.

Further Support

If you are a parent using the portal and require further support and advice on how to use certain features please contact your child’s school direct. Due to data security restrictions are technical support team are not able to handle individual parent questions.

If you are a school staff member and require support please get in touch via the secure support desk at