We are excited to announce My School Portal are now members of the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA).

You may have noticed the logo at the bottom of our website, we take pride in sharing that we are a trusted and accredited supplier of our parental communications platform.




The membership also provides an ethical code of practice which all members must adhere to, this being in line with our own ethical values as a company to ensure all data is safe and secure. The code of practice values are Quality standards, Integrity, Transparency & opaqueness, Safeguarding & data security, and Discriminatory conduct.

BESA works with UK education suppliers to help maximise their export potential, they achieve this by providing practical advice, business leads, notification of tenders and market reports just to name a few.

The team at My School Portal are keen to maximise the opportunities offered to us through the membership and broaden our reach into international schools. We are excited to see what the future holds with regards to our membership.

To view our listing on the BESA website please click here.