We are pleased to announce that My School Portal has become a supporting member of COBIS.

The Council of British International Schools is a global association for international British schools overseas and worldwide.

COBIS ensures that the quality of education in British overseas schools remains on par with schools in the UK. They help schools with professional development for senior leaders, governors, teachers and support staff. They represent their member schools with the British Government, educational bodies, and within the corporate sector. They also promote child protection standards, and work to make safer employment and recruitment practices the standard. They provide networking activities for schools and ed-tech providers all over the globe.

With 262 schools in 80 countries, COBIS is sure to provide many opportunities for the My School Portal family to grow.

We look forward to the prospects afforded to us by COBIS, and hope that this partnership continues for a long time.

We will be attending the 38th annual COBIS conference on the 12th and 13th of May at the O2 in London! We hope to see new and familiar faces there, so stop by our booth and have a chat, and see how our portal can continue to work for your school!