If your school isn’t yet using an online portal for your student info, here are ten reasons why you should:

1. Convenient access anywhere and anytime, even internationally!

Anywhere parents and guardians have internet access, they can see all the information pertaining to their child(ren)’s school and education. Any school or student information your parents, guardians, students, and staff need is available for easy access anywhere and anytime. This is particularly important for international parents and guardians who would no longer have to rely on analog, potentially out-of-date information through the post, or use less secure communication methods (such as email) for sensitive information.

2. Efficient enrolment and information distribution

An online portal can help with information for new parents and guardians, and can provide all the forms and enrolment info.

Student information can be stored in one central repository, and can be set up to automatically follow children through the years at your school. This means that there is less work for each teacher and staff member as children go up in your school, and everyone stays informed.

3. Encouraging parental engagement

An online portal can help ensure that parents and guardians see the information they need, and make it easier to them to engage with your school. If it’s easy for parents to find the information they need about their child(ren)’s education, they’re more likely to engage with and respond to it.

4. Supporting student well-being

Safeguarding is of paramount importance to schools, staff, and parents and guardians. An online portal gives schools a secure place for the storage of confidential pupil notes and ensures that an audit trail is available for every concern about a student. Your portal could even be configured so that only the headteacher or safeguarding lead see these notes.

5. Empowering student learning

An online portal can help students take control of their own education, if the portal is set up to incorporate homework. When students can see when their homework is due, or where to hand it in, it can really empower them to be accountable for their own work. An online portal can often even show homework set and due in an incorporated calendar, making it easy to see when it’s all due.

6. Streamlining admin processes

An online portal can save valuable admin time! Student documents and information can be held in a central repository to make sure everything can be kept organised, and time isn’t wasted searching through filing cabinets and other storage solutions. In addition, student info can be viewed and changed by parents, guardians, and staff anytime, so everything can be kept up-to-date.

7. Increased security

Your school doesn’t have to worry about keeping copies of sensitive documents (like passports) locked up, as all these documents can be stored securely online. This also reduces the worry about sending sensitive information through the post or over email.

8. It presents a more modern image for your school

As schools evolve and the use of technology becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, having analog forms and student information could be seen as “behind the times”. Using an online portal can help move your school further into the digital age and shows parents, guardians, and stakeholders that your school is adaptable and willing to change.

9. More organised

No more digging through an overstuffed filing cabinet, or having parents and guardians calling up to find out their child’s exam schedule. Using an online portal helps keep everyone organised, as all information, forms, and responses are just a click away!

10. Saves time and money

Your administrative staff won’t have to send out newsletters and forms via the post, as all of this info can be distributed through the portal. Forms for trips and payments for tuition and activities could also be set up through the portal, so that it’s easy to see which parents and guardians haven’t responded, and all responses are accessible at a click.

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