Not a one trick pony

Managing all the information everyone wants to see is a challenge all schools can understand. My School Portal solves this issue in a simple, easy-to-use way, and reduces the workload of schools’ valuable administrative staff too!

In 2014, My School Portal was launched to tackle frustrations shared by parents and schools. They wanted one, secure, online communications platform, with one set of login details to keep track of all school information for their children.

Working with key education partners, we have applied our technical skills and used real scenarios to build our system. Many independent schools find our portal to be invaluable to their school communities. What we offer today is a highly-sophisticated, organized communications platform which supports many different feeds, applications, and data, all with one set of login details.

One password. One portal. One view.

On this single and secure portal, parents have access to a host of information relating to their child, adapting as they progress through year groups.

The USP of My School Portal is its one-stop dashboard. At a time that suits, parents can easily log in and instantly access all the links applicable to their child as well as easily flip between siblings.

Regular System Updates

Regular ideas meetings with existing clients enables us to listen to what they need now and, more importantly, what they would like to have available in the next term or academic year. We pass this invaluable feedback over to our development team who then prioritise the next update. Each rollout is the provision of a school’s requirement.

My School Portal can work with Your School Website together as well as separately to benefit all of your users.

Why we do what we do

My School Portal’s mission is to engage schools, parents, guardians, and students to communicate more effectively and to help reduce the administrative workload by developing high-quality software applications.


Where we are going

My School Portal aspires to streamline and improve communication within the educational environment and to improve the user experience because accessing information is key to engagement.