Our customers help make My School Portal better!

We want to make sure My School Portal works for everyone. Through strong relationships with all of our schools, we continuously ensure that our portal remains relevant in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven education world.

Without the feedback, guidance, and insights of our clients and schools, My School Portal wouldn’t be what it is today.

Our development team has built the latest solution in school communication with the highest levels of confidentiality and security, needing a huge amount of technical knowledge, but it was developed in partnership with our schools. Our clients and schools see our vision and help us realise it through their suggestions and feedback, and help our product grow with their needs.

Unlike other education software, our portal and its development are client-driven. Every improvement we make is something that one of our schools has requested, which helps us not only satisfy the needs of that particular school, but improve the portal for all current and future users. Every addition to the product further upgrades our product, making it constantly adapt and change to meet the needs of schools and users.

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