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We want to make sure My School Portal works for everyone. Through strong relationships with our community of schools, we continuously ensure that your portal remains relevant in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven education world.

Without the feedback, guidance, and insights of our users and schools, My School Portal wouldn’t be what it is today.

You can be sure that we understand the Independent School sector, through experience, we appreciate the importance of customer service along with managing expectations. We strive never to overpromise and underdeliver, ensuring our schools can rely on us not to let them down is key to our success.

Unlike other education software, the portal and its development is community-driven. Many of the feature improvements are suggested by one of our schools, which helps us not only satisfy the needs of that particular school, but improves the portal for everyone within our community. With a continuously evolving product roadmap, we ensure our schools and users have the most up-to-date experience available.

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St Pauls School
"MSP has helped us refine a number of time consuming tasks including the enrolment process, event and trip bookings, reporting, updating contacts, calendar management and document sharing. The system additionally enables our parents to connect with each other, plus allows us to collect information in a way that is GDPR compliant. Feedback on the portal has only been positive and we have noticed a considerable reduction in the amount of phone calls or emails we get from parents looking for information. The MSP team are super friendly and always willing to answer any queries, offer support where necessary and even further develop the system to respond to the evolving needs of our school."

Communications & Marketing Director

Sevenoaks Prep
"We firmly believe the education of a child is most successful when teachers and parents work closely together, which means effective communication is crucial. The portal allows parents to access information at their own convenience without the school having to overload them with emails or letters home. Importantly, as it's a restricted user-only portal, it means that information about students and school life is secure so only the right people see the right information."


Rugby School
"The true value of the portal is in the time it saves for both staff and parents. It has genuinely revolutionised the way we communicate and access information. This isn’t a luxury - it is an essential element which any modern parent, national or international, would expect a school to provide."

Amanda Hunter, Head of marketing

King Edwards VI School
"The MSP team are great to work with and are open to new ideas and enhancements to the portal. The site is easy to manage and any issues are quickly resolved. Parent accounts are self managed and feedback has been very positive"

Data Manager

St Joseph’s College
"At St Joseph’s College we take our data protection obligations very seriously. We also recognise the importance of clear and effective communication between our staff, pupils and parents which is why we made the decision to invest in a parent portal solution. Parents can securely access activity details, reports, attendance records, timetables and exam results all in one place. It has transformed the way we communicate with parents and significantly enhanced how we process personal data within school."

School Principal

Lingfield College
"What we find so useful about My School Portal is the fact that everything we need is within one hub. Their support is excellent and we can always rely on a quick response should we have any questions."

Head of External Relations

Norwich School
"Norwich School was an early adopter of My School Portal and we have watched it grow in terms of its capabilities. It is fantastic to have one site, which we can direct our parents to for information about their children and the school. They can easily access details regarding timetables and merits and our reports are now all accessed electronically through the portal. Feedback has been really positive!"

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ipswich School
"What we find really beneficial about My School Portal is the ability to update information in real time. Having all information in one place has significantly reduced administration time. It's allowed us to remove a lot of information from our school website, turning this into more of a promotional tool for prospective parents. It looks professional and both parents and school staff members find it easy to use."

Marketing Director

Godolphin and Latymer
"My School Portal offers a simple solution to the aggregation of information in one place. As a company there is a readiness to develop at a very good rate in terms of listening to a school's needs and coming up with suggestions to make life more straightforward. They offer a fabulous service and the team is very easy to work with."

John Carroll

RGS Worcester
"Our decision to move suppliers to My School Portal and use their solution allows us to leverage a great deal more data into the portal to further enhance the service we offer to parents. My School Portal has aggregated data from other vital sources. Their solution, in partnership with Parent Mail means parents can securely access activity details, reports, attendance records, timetables and exam results all in one place. All school parent communication takes place through the portal and digital systems, paper is a thing of the past. It has transformed the way we communicate with parents, reduced costs and significantly enhanced how we process personal data within school."

Director of Computing and IT

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