School software should provide an efficient and secure interface between staff, parents and students to enable improved connectivity and management. The My School Portal’s Calendar is focused on improving management and efficiency for the school while providing easier access to information for parents, students and staff. This feature makes it easy for staff and parents to manage the parts of the school calendar that is important to them.

Schools can enable multiple members of staff to add calendar events that will then go through an approval process to be published. Staff members can see if the status of an event is in draft, awaiting approval, approved and finally if it is published. Dedicated admin users can allow or reject a calendar request. Staff-only calendar events can be hidden from parents and restricted to groups of staff members.

For parents, students and staff the My School Portal calendar gives them access to all the events they need in one place. Using a filtering system they can personalise their calendar to their child’s interests and sports teams and even sync the calendar with their personal calendar.

For all users this view-at-a-glance calendar can be accessed on the go as it works seamlessly on all mobile devices.

Click here to view the user video on the Calendar

Click here to view the user video on Subscribing & Exporting the calendar


Click on the below videos to find out how to export events to specific a specific calendar: