My School Portal’s Custom Forms feature can help reduce your school’s office paperwork and helps keep everything organised. This feature can help gather responses in one convenient place, and many different types of forms can be set up in the portal. Some examples of forms that your school can set up include:

  • Admissions forms
  • Medical information forms
  • Consent forms
  • Dietary requirement forms
  • And many more!

Parents and guardians can see any forms assigned to their children, and the progress of each form. Custom Forms also integrates with our trip and event booking system, and can thus require that forms are filled out and submitted, before booking a trip. This integration ensures that all required permission and medical forms are filled out before a parent or guardian can book a trip or event, meaning that everything can be recorded and kept in one place. This feature works seamlessly on all mobile devices so parents and guardians can fill out and submit forms from anywhere! .

For Admin users, creating forms is simple and straightforward. There are set question types, and clear question logic to help users create easy-to-use, simple to complete forms in the portal. The custom forms can be configured to relate to specific year groups or forms, or even individual students.

In keeping with the high level of security built in to the rest of our portal, schools can restrict access for custom forms making sure that only the relevant staff can see the form responses, get notifications on form submissions, or export form responses.

Here’s how one of our schools found the our Custom Forms module helpful:

Release 63 is amazing especially for Custom Forms, I have been using this feature in MSP to replace our current system. This process has been made a lot easier with the help of the support team who have listened and implemented a lot of changes that I discussed with them.

The forms are an easy, straight forward process for all those involved, simple to set up for staff, clear and not burdensome for parents to complete with the confidence that their data remains secure within the platform.

At Berkhamsted we are reaping the benefits of less amount of admin time and paperwork, higher levels of data protection and parent satisfaction all from this one feature, it’s fantastic!”

Deji Agun Digital Learning Platform Manager, Berkhamstead School