My School Portal’s Document feature allows schools to stay organised and can save your school valuable admin time and costs of storing hard copies of important documents. Each document can be given different security settings so that each user only sees the information they’re meant to.

Our Documents feature offers the following benefits:

  • A central repository (so nothing gets lost!)
  • Security settings down to each year group and user type
  • Filtering of all documents be year group and category/subcategory
  • Publication date for each document (allowing for a paper trail)
  • A description for each document (for a little extra information)
  • An expiry date for documents (if they’re only meant to be temporary)
  • Embedding in content pages (don’t worry, they keep their security settings when they’re embedded)
  • Different document pages can be created for each user type, to keep everything organised (i.e., one page for staff and inspectors, and one page for parents, guardians, and students)