My School Portal’s new Guardian Documents feature provides a safe, secure, and sophisticated way to store and share documents with guardians of students in your schools.

Guardian Documents can be sent to one guardian of a student and is useful for collating and sending out invoices and other financial documents. These documents can either be uploaded in bulk or individually, which allows for better-organised schools and parents/guardians and also saves valuable admin time.

With the same high-level security as the rest of the portal, there is no need to worry about invoices and other sensitive documents getting to the wrong person, as we ensure that only the bill payer for that pupil sees them.

Guardian Document pages can be set up to have different pages for each type of document (so your school can have one for tuition invoices, and one for trips and clubs).

School admins can even save time by scheduling documents for a future release (meaning that your school saves time on sending out monthly or termly invoices).

Your school can customise the design and content of invoices and other bill payer-specific documents that are uploaded to the portal, meaning that each document that goes out to parents and guardians can look exactly the way your school prefers!

Using our Guardian Documents feature allows everyone to stay organised as documents are always available online for users to view (and this means no one forgets to pay an outstanding bill!). We can also save your school time and money, as you’ll no longer need to post out reports or invoices, and won’t need to print hard copies.