Students forgetting to hand in their homework? Want an organised,  all-in-one area for staff to keep track of homework they have received? Do you want parents and guardians to stay informed of their child(ren)’s homework?

My School Portal can help! Our Homework feature can do all of this and more (except it can’t actually finish the homework for you. Sorry, students, you still have to do that bit). Staff, students, parents, and guardians can easily keep track of when homework is set and due, and can even see the status of the homework, and any feedback or grade from the teacher.

Staff can quickly and easily assign homework to their classes via their staff timetable by selecting the class to which they wish to set it. This feature allows homework to be added to classes in a three week period: the previous week, the current week, and the forthcoming week.

Staff can add these details to any homework assignment:

  • Place – where should this be handed in?
  • Due date – when should this be handed in?
  • Timeframe – how long should this homework take?
  • Title – what is the assignment called?
  • Description – what needs to be done with this piece of work?
  • File attachments – any additional information the homework needs.
  • Status – whether the homework is marked or recieved
  • Feedback – any comments or grade from the teacher for this piece of work

This feature also allows parents and guardians to view their child’s homework, and students can keep track of their homework, all through their portal dashboards, so everyone can keep organised (and this way, homework isn’t forgotten about until the day before it’s due!).

Click here to view the user video on Homework