With the many different apps and websites we all use on a daily basis, it can be difficult to keep up with the flood of notifications.  My School Portal has one set of notifications for its whole portal, allowing everyone to keep updated about school and student events and information.

Just like the notifications we get on our favourite apps on our phones and tablets, the web push notifications from My School Portal alert the user to an update, email, or other new information in the portal, even when the portal isn’t open in a browser.

Unlike other websites and applications, My School Portal has no need for a separate mobile app in addition to the website, as it works natively on all devices. This means that My School Portal can offer users the same degree of quality, support, and precision expected with the desktop website on any chosen device, browser, platform, or operating system. Because Web Push Notifications currently work on 85% of all devices (with more to be added in future updates), the adaptability and reach of your portal is vastly increased, and saves valuable admin time for your school.

This messaging feature can increase student and parent/guardian engagement without intruding on their privacy or requiring them to log into their email. Users simply need to subscribe to notifications upon being prompted in their browser.