My School Portal can help streamline your school’s payment system using a variety of payment options.

Paying for trips, concerts, tickets, after school clubs, and much more made simple, using our step-by-step process. Parents and guardians are guided through the payment process, and once the chosen item or event has been selected, the user is taken to the My Basket page, where there will be an order summary and a list of payment options.

The payment options we currently offer users in the system are:

-Online payment (using Worldpay and Sagepay; feel free to contact us for other providers!)



-Add to school Bill

Using our online payment option within My School Portal means that your school office no longer needs to chase down payment from those forgetful parents and guardians, and means that they won’t be overwhelmed with lots of payments the day after a reminder goes out. This saves your school valuable admin time, and helps everything get paid for on time!