Help everyone keep in touch and increase parent and guardian engagement with My School Portal’s Parent Directory feature. Parents and guardians can choose which of their data appears in the directory and can update their information to ensure that it stays current.

This feature can save your school time and money by eliminating the need to produce hard copies of a parent directory (which can quickly become out of date).

The MSP parent directory works really well.  It is ideal to give ownership to parents to decide on whether or not their details should be visible and to whom. The feature is simple to use and has been an added benefit to moving as much as possible of our school administration online.

-Angela Slater, Pilgrims School

We have been very pleased with My School Portal. I have found it generally well-designed, built to meet the security requirements we needed, and regularly updated with new features. Their support team have always been responsive and helpful.

-Richard Bunch, IT & Network Manager