Every school is familiar with the bustle and hassle of organising parents’ evening. All those paper slips sent out, all those phone calls “just to make sure”.

Never print another appointment slip again! My School Portal’s Parents Evening offers a simple online system for booking appointments, and fully supports modern mobile phones so even the busiest parents and guardians can book from anywhere!

Even adding the information for appointments couldn’t be simpler! The data from your existing school management systems (including SIMS, iSAMS, WCBS Academic, Progresso, and SchoolBase) is used to create appointments automatically. And it’s all stored securely online and completely paperless! This means no more lost or forgotten appointment slips and no more last-minute phone calls to parents, meaning valuable admin time is saved.

Want to organise your parents’ evening by subject? By form or year group? Need a longer appointment for your SEN students? Have multiple subjects taught by one teacher? Our Parents Evening tool can help with all these options and more! It’s completely customisable to make sure that creating your parents’ evening is as hassle-free as possible*. Set up is quick and easy, and because it’s completely online, you’ll see a boost in the number of parent and guardian bookings, so everyone can stay informed about students’ progress.

*We can’t guarantee this will stop those overly-chatty parents and staff from running over their meeting times, but it might help.

Parents and staff alike have found the Parents’ Evening module fantastically easy to use. The feedback has been positive and it has greatly reduced the administration required. We love it!

-Leanne Dundee, Farringtons School

The Parents’ Evening feature provides an opportunity for teachers to set up a booking form for parents to choose a convenient time to meet with staff members to discuss pupil progress across all areas of academic, pastoral and extra-curricular aspects of school life. It is easy to set up and allows the class teachers to produce a schedule of appointments linked to individual pupils in each year group.

The Parents’ Evening module forms an integral part of our school aim to maintain good communication with parents through regular reporting procedures including parents’ evenings, assessments and written reports all of which are supported by MSP.

-Clive Holder Senior Deputy, Mathematics, Edgeborough School