Your school decides which features to enable

Our aim is to develop features that save you valuable time and school budget. We know how important it is to provide an engaging user experience and our personalisation tools allow you to enable certain features for your different user groups such as Parents, Agents, Bill payers, Grandparents or Students.

Choose from our intuitive and easy-to-use features:-

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The new pre-admissions / pre-application portal harnesses the power of many popular features that our schools are using today with their current parent community. Through close collaboration with top independent schools, we have created a dedicated pre-admissions experience. This feature will now enable your admissions team to formalise and streamline the journey from application to acceptance.

Providing parents with an engaging and user-friendly system is key to a successful onboarding process. From experience and research, the ability to unburden applicants from unnecessary multiple sign-in significantly improves engagement.

With seamless integration to your MIS data the pre-admissions portal dynamically pre-populates information already collected during the enquiry stage, this integration service enables parents an uninterrupted continuation through the application journey.

To address issues that schools are facing in the current climate along with the increased demands of parents the pre-admissions portal can now be used as a standalone facility (you do not need to have My School Portal as your parent portal) so providing schools with a high-quality, cost-effective and robust system.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– A single dashboard of information detailing their progression through the application process
– Design and build unlimited digital forms and form packs
– The ability to take online payments
– Utilise MSP’s extensive SSO integrations
– Continuous new feature development at no extra cost

Schools can access more information on pre-admission below:-

Download the pre-admissions applicant user journey diagram

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication has now become important to schools. With the growth of education technology (EdTech) parents are asked to use there is increasing unhappiness and complaints from the parent community that they are asked to remember different credentials when accessing multiple school systems. Through research, it’s been proven that creating barriers leads to poor engagement for all users.

Our data aggregation methodology enables the use of a Single Sign-On authentication facility, as an independent school you have the ability to choose which sign-on facilities you enable. We promote the phrase “One username, one password, one dashboard”.

Single Sign-On options can be enabled in conjunction with the ability for parents to access the portal via their own username and password, My School Portal is also an identity provider to many third-parties you use.

My School Portal offers quick and easy sign-in options, either by requesting a password or by using one of our Single Sign-On (SSO) options below:

Microsoft 365

Benefits and resource savings:

– No password required
– Easy sign-on for Parents, Staff and Students
– Auto sign-on and authenticate to all your applications in one click
– Reduce barriers and improve engagement

Current MSP schools can access information on third-party SSO integrations below:

Third-party integrations

MIS Data Integration

My School Portal has now been recognised as the number one independent school data aggregation platform, to ensure users (Parents, Guardians or Students) are able to access all of the relevant data in one view we seamlessly integrate with your school’s Management Information System (MIS).

We are proud to offer an integration of the leading Independent school MIS providers including iSAMS, SIMS, HUBmis (PASS), SchoolBase, Engage, and Progresso. Relevant MIS information is automatically synchronised from your school’s existing MIS to provide users with an easy-to-use portal to view all the Academic data.

Integration with finance systems is also important to our schools.

Most importantly, access to all of this information is on a permission basis, so authorised users only see what they’re meant to.

Benefits and resource savings:

– Users only need to access one portal for all school information
– We have proven to increase parent engagement to relevant academic information
– No need to print and post information such as reports
– Aggregate MIS data with additional data you hold outside the MIS

Current MSP schools can access more MIS details below:

Features list per MIS


Keeping in touch can be overwhelming with the multiple inboxes and social media everyone uses. My School Portal’s Email and Messages feature offers a simple solution to the busy inboxes we all have to deal with day-to-day. Correspondence from your school is displayed directly in the portal for users to see in one convenient place.

Users don’t have to search for messages from the school in their inboxes, as My School Portal offers one inbox for all school correspondence, which can be easily filtered to show messages from a term, month, week, or day. Messages to parents and guardians can also be filtered down to each child, or you can show all. Within the interface, emails can be replied to, and a star system can allow users to flag important emails so they can be found easily.

This communication feature is one of the most popular sections with parents and guardians, the fact that there is no supermarket, online shopping, or spam in the mailbox creates a more improved and rewarding user experience.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Displays all school communication in one single interface
– Users never say they have not received a message from school as there is no ability to delete a message in error
– School administrators have the ability to view the parent/guardian mailbox
– Replies to a message are tracked and displayed

Current MSP schools are able to find more information on the email/messages feature below:-

How to set up Emails (Communications)
iSAMS – Requirements to sync emails
SchoolPost: How to integrate Guardians

Online Bookings

One of the popular features in My School Portal is the ability to make an online booking, parents are increasingly demanding the ability to book and manage anything from a school trip to activities.

With an integrated online payment gateway My School Portal allows schools to streamline the booking and payment process, by using one of the popular payment gateways we help schools with their payment card compliance.

We have developed a booking system that is both intuitive and simple to navigate, parents are able to follow step by step instructions until they have completed their chosen booking for their child(ren). The addition of a basket facility allows parents to book multiple items such as a club along with a ticketed event before proceeding to the checkout and payment facility.

The online booking system is also integrated into a parent’s own calendar, upon making a booking for a child this will automatically appear in the child’s daily schedule which then synchronises directly into the parent’s calendar assuming they have enabled this feature.

School admins can quickly and easily set up the following type of bookings:
– School plays or ticketed performances
– Trips
– Activities
– Clubs
– Awards ceremonies
– One-to-one development sessions
– And much more

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Streamline your booking process by taking online payments
– Reduce online payment processing costs
– Reduce internal resource by allowing parents to manage their own bookings
– Bookings can be made in the evening or over the weekend went the school office is closed
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access more information around bookings below:-

What are the different types of booking methods for activities?
How to set up Bookings
Third-Party Integrations

Online Payments

My School Portal can help streamline your school’s payment system using a variety of payment options.

Paying for trips, concerts, tickets, after school clubs, and much more is made simple, using our step-by-step process. Parents and Guardians are guided through the payment process, and once the chosen item or event has been selected, the user is taken to the My Basket page, where there will be an order summary and a list of payment options.

The custom forms facility allows schools to add a payment request within a form,  Parents are required to complete a successful payment before being able to submit.

The payment options we currently offer schools are:

– Online payment processing via:
> Stripe
> PayPal
> Worldpay
> Opayo (formerly Sage Pay)

– Add to school Bill

Using the online payment option within My School Portal means that your school office no longer needs to chase down payment from those forgetful parents and guardians, and means that they won’t be overwhelmed with lots of payments the day after a reminder goes out. This saves your finance team valuable admin time and reduces the need for chasing payments.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Collect payments online through your preferred payment gateway
– Take instant payments at any time of the day or night
– Improve your schools PCI compliance
– Reduced payment processing costs for your finance team

Current MSP schools are able to learn more about online payments below:-

How to Set up Payment Methods
How do I add a new Payment Method?
Third-Party Payment Integrations

Online Forms

Various types of interactive forms for parents and students are available within My School Portal. Absence and Leave forms can be submitted by parents and guardians at the click of a button and work natively on mobile devices, so they can be submitted from anywhere!

The forms generate automatic secure notifications that can be sent to one or more of the following: the school office, designated staff members, form tutor, tutor, head of house or head of year. Notifications are based on security access levels and the high level of security so staff only see what they’re meant to.

When configuring a form Schools are able to request that the user adds a comment, select from a list of reasons, or upload required supporting documents such as a medical certificate.

A sample of forms that could be created are:-
– Leave request
– Absence
– Report a concern
– Contact the child’s head of year
– COVID19 Health Concerns

If required form submission data can also be dynamically written back into SharePoint Online, this allows our schools to use products such as Microsoft Flow to create their own triggers and notifications.

Benefits and efficiency savings:- 

– Reduce the need for an absence answerphone message
– All form submissions are stored/logged in the user’s account
– Collect supporting documentation on submission of a form
– Easily direct form submissions to the right person(s) within the school
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools can find more information on forms below:-

How to set up Contact Forms
How to set up Leave Request Forms
How to approve or deny leave requests

Custom Forms

My School Portal’s Custom Digital Forms feature will help reduce your school’s office paperwork and helps keep everything organised. This feature is able to gather responses in one convenient place, and many different types of forms can be created in the portal. Some examples of forms that your school can set up include:

– Admissions forms
– Medical information forms
– Consent and permission forms
– Dietary requirement forms
– And many more!

Parents and guardians can see any forms assigned to their children, and the progress of each form. Custom Forms also integrates with our trip and event booking system, and can thus require that forms are filled out and submitted, before booking a trip. This integration ensures that all required permission and medical forms are filled out before a parent or guardian can book a trip or event, meaning that everything can be recorded and kept in one place. This feature works seamlessly on all mobile devices so parents and guardians can fill out and submit forms from anywhere!

For Admin users, creating forms is simple and straightforward. There are set question types, and clear question logic to help users create easy-to-use, simple to complete forms in the portal. The custom forms can be configured to relate to specific year groups or forms, or even individual students.

In keeping with the high level of security built into the rest of our portal, schools can restrict access for custom forms making sure that only the relevant staff can see the form responses, receive notifications on form submissions, or export form responses.

Benefits and efficiency savings:- 

– Integrated with your MIS’s Parent and Student data
– No longer do you have to send out joining packs containing paper forms
– Gone are the days when you have to translate what someone has written on a paper form
– Improve information access and data security
– Digitise all of your data collection processes and say goodbye to paper
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to discover more about data collection forms below:-

How to set up Custom Form Submissions
How do I delete/archive a Custom Form or Custom Form Group?


When improving parental engagement it’s important to have all of the information in one place, the calendar feature in My School Portal delivers a much-improved user experience insuring that events, activities, and bookings are aggregated into one single view.

Accessible on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop you can be sure that parents are always kept up-to-date with what’s happening within the school.

Parents are able to filter the calendar by Year Group, Category, Subcategory, Sports Teams, Co-curricular Activities, and their Child(ren). The ability for parents to save their own custom filtered lists ensures they have quick and easy access to saved filters at any time they wish.

Schools can have as many members of staff able to add calendar events as you need. All the events added to the calendar go through an approval process  before they’re published. Staff users can see if the event they’ve added is in draft, awaiting approval, approved, or published. Approval can be managed by dedicated admin users, who can edit, approve, or reject any calendar request. Staff-only events can be hidden from parents and can be restricted to certain groups so everyone sees what is relevant to them.

In addition to the ability to add events directly, the calendar is able to dynamically synchronise with your school’s existing iSAMS or SOCS calendars.

Additional calendar integration included:-

– Co-curricular bookings
– Sports fixtures and team sheets
– Booking of School Trips
– Booking of Events (with or without tickets)

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Reduce printing costs by never having to print calendar booklets again
– Improve security by only sharing events with your parent community
– Dynamically update your school’s marketing website with events that you would like to share publicly
– Allow parents to synchronise their chosen view directly to their personal calendar
– Intelligent workflow to manage the publication of calendar events
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to find more information below:-

How to set up an Events Calendar
How to subscribe to an iCal feed


Students forgetting to hand in their homework? Want an organised, all-in-one area for staff to keep track of homework they have received? Do you want parents and guardians to stay informed of their child(ren)’s homework?

My School Portal can help! Our Homework feature can do all of this and more (except it can’t actually finish the homework for you. Sorry, students, you still have to do that bit). Staff, students, parents, and guardians can easily keep track of when homework is set and due, and can even see the status of the homework, and any feedback or grade.

Staff can quickly and easily assign homework to their classes via their staff timetable by selecting the class to which they wish to set it.

Staff can add these details to any homework assignment:

– Place – where should this be handed in?
– Due date – when should this be handed in?
– Timeframe – how long should this homework take?
– Title – what is the assignment called?
– Description – what needs to be done with this piece of work?
– File attachments – any additional information the homework needs.
– Status – whether the homework is marked or received
– Feedback – any comments or grade

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Users are able to ask Amazon Alexa for Homework
– For Microsoft schools, My School Portal has a Microsoft Teams Assignments integration
– For Google Classroom schools we have a Google Classroom integration
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access more information on Homework/Assignments below:- 

How to set up Homework/Assignments Page
Microsoft Teams Assignments integration
Google Classroom Assignments integration

Teams Assignments

Our dynamic integration with the Microsoft Teams Assignments tool is an excellent feature for schools that uses the Microsoft suite to help deliver teaching and learning. The ability for parents and guardians to now review individual student assignments 24/7 is a key benefit of this new feature.

For our Microsoft schools, this development integration of Microsoft Teams assignments has been a significant step forward in being able to display individual assignments to parents and guardians.

Working in close collaboration with a number of our Microsoft Schools we recognised the urgent need for parents and guardians to gain access to assignment information whenever they wish.

Through our unique integration My School Portal now provides individual student assignment information for parents and guardians, staff and students already have real-time access through Microsoft Teams directly.

Microsoft Teams assignments is one of the Microsoft integration features that My School Portal offers, our extensive integration with the Microsoft suite of products help support schools pivot to a full Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

As developers of the portal, our aim is to foster innovation and collaboration with Microsoft Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Easy to navigate and accessible from any location and all of your devices
– Engagement with supporting academic information is greatly improved with all of the information in one portal
– The Teams assignments feature supports the blend of remote and in school learning
– Our Microsoft teams assignments feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to find access to more information below:-

Microsoft Teams Assignments Integration (Release 71)
Microsoft Teams Assignments: Setup Overview – Introduction
How does the Microsoft Teams Assignments API integration work?

Google Assignments

Our dynamic integration with the free Google Classroom tool is an excellent feature for schools that frequently uses the Google G Suite of products. The ability for parents and guardians to now review individual student assignments 24/7 is a key benefit of this new feature.

Developed in conjunction with a number of our Google Classroom schools this feature simplifies the distribution, collection, and feedback of Student’ assignments and is now a game-changer for parents and guardians by having all of this information displayed in one portal.

The Google Classroom tools take on all of the organization. Folders are created in the teacher’s Google Drive for each class, and each class has folders for each assignment. Teachers use this folder or the assignment from within Google Classroom to review student progress before students hand in work. With all of this folder and document management handled automatically, teachers have more time to focus on students and teaching. Google Classroom also makes it easy to reuse assignments in future classes.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Easy to navigate and accessible from any location and all of your devices
– Allow your parents and guardians to view the assignments set in class for their children, further increasing parental involvement in their childrens’ school life
– Google Classroom integrates with many of the most popular applications to support teaching and learning
– Our Google Classroom assignments feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access more information bellow:-

Details of the release new features
How to authorise access to Google API?
How to set up Google Classrooms (Staff)

Pupil Documents

Looking to reduce your school’s paper usage? Want a safe, secure, and organised system for your students’ reports, and other important documents? Want to save your valuable admin time and save money on posting out important documents to Parents and Guardians?

My School Portal has a feature that can help! Our Pupil Documents feature allows a school administrator to upload documents relating to each individual student, such as school reports. These documents can either be uploaded in bulk or individually, making the organisation and updating of this important information easier and much more manageable.

This feature is secure, as each pupil document group (or document cycle) can be restricted to ensure that each document is only seen by those who need to. This means that your school can set up different levels of access for each type of user, and have different sets of documents available for each user.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Reduce the cost of sending paper reports
– Save internal resource by not having to manually process documents
– Providing parents with a document repository archive that is accessible at any point
– Improve security and access to relevant information
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access more information on pupil documents below:-

How to set up pupil documents
How to control the order/display of documents

Guardian Documents

My School Portal’s Guardian Documents feature provides a safe, secure, and sophisticated way to store and share documents with guardians of students in your school. To help protect against fraud this document section is an alternative to emailing out material such as invoices, financial statements, or other sensitive documents.

Guardian Documents can be displayed to a specific guardian of a student so you can be sure that the right person always has access to the right information whenever they need it. Documents can either be uploaded in bulk or individually so saving your team valuable admin time.

With the same high-level security as the rest of the portal, there is no need to worry about invoices and other sensitive documents getting to the wrong hands, providing individual guardians with their own document repository is a safe and secure way of sharing information.

The flexible Guardian Document pages structure allows your portal to display unique sections for each type of document repository (so you can have one for tuition invoices, one for trips and clubs, and one for any other sensitive documentation/letters).

School admins can even save time by scheduling documents for a future release (meaning that your school saves time on sending out monthly or termly invoices).

Benefits and resource savings:

– Guardians always have access to the online document repository whenever they need
– A Guardian can never say they didn’t receive an invoice
– Reduce printing time and costs
– The school saves on postage
– No time delay in getting documents out to guardians
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access helpful information below:-

A guide on how to set up Guardian documents within your portal
How to import a zip file of Guardian documents

Pupil Notes

Keeping children safe and promoting their well-being is the most important concern of any school.

With My School Portal’s Pupil Notes feature, any safeguarding concerns can be securely and safely stored and monitored and only the pertinent staff members can see the documents.

Access to this feature is only available to staff and each note can only be seen by those with permission to that particular note. To make sure that the proper protocols are followed and everyone is fully informed, the Safeguarding Lead or Headteacher can be added to all notes by default.

Pupil Notes is also thoroughly audit-logged, so all evidence and records are kept safe and sound.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– No need to send insecure emails to colleagues
The ability to store documents and supporting digital assets
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access additional information:-

How to set up Pupil Notes
How can I edit a pupil note?
How to view a pupil note audit log?


My School Portal’s Document feature allows schools to stay organised and can save your school valuable admin time and costs of printing hard copies of important documents. Each document can be given its individual security settings so the user only sees the information they’re meant to.

Schools have the ability to either upload specific document formats to the portal or dynamically integrate the document library with either your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

To improve the experience when accessing documents within the portal we have developed document grouping tools that allow the categorisation and filtering ensuring that your library is both well structured and accessible.

Specific functionality and features:-

– Integration with Microsoft OneDrive
– Integration with Google Drive
– Add security settings down to specific year groups and user types
– Filtering documents by year group, category, and subcategory
– Add a publication date for each document
– The ability to add a description against each document
– An expiry date for documents (if they’re only meant to be temporary)
– Embedding in content pages (don’t worry, they keep their security settings when they’re embedded)
– Create different document pages for each user type, to keep everything organised (i.e., one page for staff and inspectors, and one page for parents, guardians, and students)

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Create a central document repository
– Reduce the schools printing cost
– Auto-expire documents when given a specific date
– Dynamic synchronisation with Google and Microsoft
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access more information regarding documents below:- 

How to set up a document sections
Which file types are supported in the portal?
Microsoft OneDrive Integration
Google Drive Integration


Parents Evenings

The running and delivery of Parents Evenings are one of the many changes schools have had to deal with in recent months. To accommodate the shift to a blend of video and in-person meetings the My School Portal parents evening feature has also seen some significant changes and improvements allowing everyone to meet when they wish.

Recent functionality improvements now enable schools to offer online meetings via a range of video platforms such as:

– Microsoft Teams
– Google Meet
– Zoom

With the ability for parents to participate using either their smartphone, laptop, or tablet this feature has become popular and used by many of our schools, the good news for schools is as a subscriber to My School Portal parents evening booking is included at no extra cost.

The integrated functionality allows parents to choose which teachers they book to see along with selecting the appointment time, no longer is it the responsibility of the child to make those appointments on behalf of their parents.

With full integration to your school MIS the setting up of parents evenings is quick and easy, key MIS data is dynamically synchronised and used to help create appointments automatically at the click of a button.

As My School Portal has a wide range of features we sometimes develop applications that are classed as a “lite version”. we are proud to work with market-leading and specialist companies such as Parents Evening by School Cloud and have a single sign-on facility ensuring the parent does not need to login to yet another system.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Never print another appointment slip again
– Allow parents and guardians to book their own appointments
– Offer a blend of video or in-person meetings
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to find more information below:-

How to set up Parents Evenings
Third-Party SSO Integrations

Sports Fixtures

The integration of Sports Fixture information is key to the parent’s experience. No longer do parents have to navigate across multiple applications to access information about their child(ren) when looking for sports fixtures.

The ability for students to also access their own fixture information within one single dashboard is key to their engagement, by aggregating both the sports fixture and academic timetable data students have an all in one single view of what’s happening.

Many of our schools also choose to use third-party tools such as the Schools MIS, SOCS or CHQ to manage their sports fixtures and results, through various data connection and single sign-on facilities we greatly improve the user experience. My School Portal is proud to have integrations with these great applications.

With the intuitive filtering options, Parents and guardians are able to refine the fixtures and results by selecting which view they’d like to see, by Term, Month, Week, or Day. Parents and guardians can also search for a specific fixture or result but narrowing their search options using granular filters to select the year group or a specific sports team.

School admins can allow their sports department to manage the sports fixtures, update results, post squads and team lists, and so much more!

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Integration with Amazon Alexa
– Synchronisation with a parent or students calendar
– Integration with third-party sports fixture applications
– Aggregation of sports fixture and the student academic timetable data
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to find more information and help guides below:-

How to set up Sports Results & Fixtures?
Who are team sheets on sports fixtures viewable by?
What third-party XML structure do we require for Sports Fixtures?

Parent Directory

With the changes to data protection in 2018 Schools needed to change the way that they shared Parent and Guardian data.

In order to help everyone keep in touch and increase Parent and Guardian engagement, My School Portal created the Parent Directory feature. Parents and Guardians can choose which of their data appears in the directory and can update their information to ensure that it stays current.

In addition to the data protection benefits, this feature can save your school time and money by eliminating the need to produce hard copies of a parent directory (which can quickly become out of date).

“The MSP parent directory works really well. It is ideal to give ownership to parents to decide on whether or not their details should be visible and to whom. The feature is simple to use and has been an added benefit to moving as much as possible of our school administration online.”

-Angela Slater, Pilgrims School

Benefit and resource savings:-

– Improve data protection and compliance
– Reduce staff time in having to run and manage a parent directory
– Reduced printing costs
– Parents always have the ability to manage their details and share options
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to find more information on the parent directory below:-

How to set up Parent Directory
Can split parents both have access to the portal?

Social Media

Having all the information presented in one single dashboard is important to the Parent and Guardians’ engagement, by integrating your social media channels within portal widgets, you can be assured that everyone will be kept instantly up-to-date with what’s happening at school.

When running multiple feeds within the school on platforms such as Twitter (for example Pre-prep, Prep, Senior, and Sixth form) the Twitter widget would allow the user to navigate between each of these individual Content feeds without the need to leave the portal.

You can integrate the following:

– Twitter
– YouTube
– Vimeo
– Flickr galleries
– Instagram

There is no need for parents to navigate to specific social media platforms to access the content you share, your portal widgets will automatically update themselves as new information is posted.

Many of our schools also choose to run channels such as Facebook, adding a widget to the parent dashboard will ensure that they can quickly and easily navigate to the right area should they wish to engage with the content.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– No longer do parents have to navigate to individual social platforms to engage with your content
– Keep everyone up-to-date with one single dashboard

Current MSP schools are able to learn more about social media integrations below:-

Third-Party Payment Integrations

Amazon Alexa

As part of our Voice command and AI project, we have completed the first stage of our integration with Amazon Alexa. Using a series of short phrases the My School Portal Skill for Alexa is able to help parents access key information stored within the portal:

– Lessons: any upcoming lessons for their children
-Homework: any homework due soon
-Messages: any Email/Messages from school that are stored in the portal
-Sports: if a child has Sports soon
-Parents will be able to ask Alexa about which lessons and sports activities their children have today, or for specific days, allowing them to plan accordingly and to ensure that their children have all the necessary equipment.

Parents are able to check for homework allowing them the peace of mind without needing to keep asking their children.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Allowing parents to use voice to access information
– A significant step towards making school information accessible to all
– Provides parents with the opportunity to set up a daily routine where Alexa will provide them with information using a single Voice trigger
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access more Alexa information below:-

Information related to conversational voice design used within the skill

School Notices

School Notices offers independent school Parents, Staff, and Alumni the opportunity to buy, sell and advertise to one another within a trusted environment.

We have integrated the School Notices service into My School Portal, making it even easier for users to access more information in one view. Buy school uniforms, musical instruments, puppies and furniture, rent holiday villas, find jobs and more.

My School Portal’s integration with School Notices also provides schools with free access to the ‘Noticed’ digital magazine containing high-quality independent school articles and features.

The online reviews option for schools is able to host multiple videos and images, a live feed to your social media posts, and a unique ‘inside scoop’ review from a current parent.

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Allowing parents to operate in a trusted environment
– Providing parents with rich and high-quality content
– Heads interviews
– A termly magazine for parents
– Weekly Newsletter for parents
– This feature is included at no extra cost

Current MSP schools are able to access additional information:-

Download the supporting literature
Integration documentation

Parent Magazine

Through our Partnership with School Notices, My School Portal is making available a free digital magazine. “Noticed” – is a luxury termly magazine for independent schools and your parent community.

School Notices offers exclusive digital content to fully engage independent school parents and alumni and further encourage them to make the parent portal their prime information source.

In this Spring 2021 edition we have exclusive interviews with the legendary Michael Whitehall, the multi-talented Prue Leith and Noughts & Crosses author Malorie Blackman. Internet sensation Martha Lane Fox extols the importance of digital equality, and Lucia Ferrari shows us how to spring clean your makeup bag. Helen McGinn on her Knackered Mother’s Wine Club and debut novel and we uncover the next generation of young entrepreneurs and discover how they are making their way to the top. Finally, you can win a family holiday to the luxurious Sani Resort in Greece.

Parents are able to view and download a copy of the magazine at isssu.com

Benefits and efficiency savings:-

– Free high-quality articles for independent school parents
– The opportunity for schools to have their own customised version of the Magazine
– An opportunity for parents to win a free luxury break

Current MSP schools are able to access additional information:-

Download the supporting literature
Integration documentation
Access a copy of the latest free magazine

Free updates on features

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My School Portal are always looking to improve the functionality and experience for all of our users. As part of your subscription, all new releases are included free of charge! We are currently working on release 74 and still counting…

Release 74 due August 2021

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