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It’s clever! The product can be personalised to each school to include as many or as few of the modules below as needed. Schools can add modules as they go term by term or launch with a full package.

The portal can also be personalised for each user, depending on the user type and the number of children for which the user is responsible. This encourages your users to take a more active part in school life and is the perfect vehicle for communication.

See how the features of My School Portal can work to benefit all of your users...

Current Parents

It’s simple and secure

Even when the school day is over, parents can access the information they need, at a time that suits their own busy schedules.

  • Keep parents informed 24/7
  • Gives parents an easier form of contact with teaching staff
  • Provides a secure environment for booking and payment


Efficient and a time saver

Every school is unique but we understand that each one needs an efficient method of keeping parents updated.

  • Improves teacher/parent communication
  • Time saver for both teaching and admin staff
  • Effective means of keeping parents informed


Every important detail listed

It’s about giving everyone the ability to access and track a student’s progression through school completely fuss-free.

  • All information on one simple dashboard
  • The most up-to-date information available
  • All activities online
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