Public Portal
My School Portal has a solution for your school’s Summer School and External Admissions!

Our new type of portal allows members of the public to register their children. This portal was born out of schools requesting a feature for their Summer activities and Clubs outside of term-time.

Working with our clients, we are tackling the challenges they face regarding admissions and the level of organisation required to ensure any event runs smoothly.

Our Public Portal feature can be used by schools that don’t have MIS data, as well as those who run public clubs and activities, and those who offer summer schools.

Bookings for activities, clubs, events, and trips can all be completed using this portal, in addition to many other features. Some of these features include:

  • Pupil and Guardian Notes,
  • Absence and Leave Request forms
  • Documents
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Custom Forms
  • And much more!

Our Public Portal is an affordable option for your external bookings, summer schools, and much more! The cost for this portal is £1500.00* per year, with an onboarding fee of £1000.00* for new clients. For our current clients we are waiving the onboarding fee.

*All prices subject to VAT.


The portal sounds great!
Can I talk with someone before booking a demo?

We will always arrange a phone call with any potential client, but you can call us any time – our education experts are here to help.